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Hard Yakka

  • Hard Yakka

It has been hard yakka being a Brisbane Lions fan over the last couple of years. Now we’re at the bottom of the barrel. We’re the last rung on the ladder. Even the Demons and Giants are beating us for Christ’s sake! These are dark days indeed.

Michael Voss swaggered in to the Gabba with a long term plan to rebuild the club he loves. It was a long and arduous process but by the arse end of last year it seemed to be paying dividends when we beat Geelong.

But that didn’t matter.


Our managing board of Big Wigs and Fat Cats decided to – as Eddie McGuire would so succinctly put it – “Bone” Vossy to make way for the enigmatic Paul Roos but that master plan backfired with extreme prejudice when Roos gave us the flick for the Demons.

After all of that madness half of our playing roster decided they weren’t going to stick around and jumped ship. Now Elliot Yeo has no teeth and Patrick Karnezis hasn’t played a game since: sucked in fellas.

Then Justin Leppitsch came along and decided to dive on the proverbial grenade that was the Brisbane Lions Football Club. Leppa has begun to rebuild after the initial rebuild went tits up. We are again in our footy infancy. We have only won a single game and it wasn’t even in Australia.  

Leppa’s putting in the hard yards to try and make Lions fans a proud mob once more.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take too many years.

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