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Giants Flatten Lions

  • Giants Flatten Lions

Just when you thought things couldnít get much worse the Lions managed to lose to the AFLís laughing stock: GWS Giants. The Giants came to the Gabba to play some footy and beat the Lions 12.8.80 to 19.11.125.

Now Brisbane are back at the bottom of the ladder. This loss is embarrassing. How can we ever show our faces in polite company again?

To add injury to insult Jonathan Brown was guided off the field after a gruesome looking head knock. Poor Brownie was completely laid out after catching Tom Buggís hip to the face. When he finally began to move it was with a bloody nose and an already swelling face.

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Brownie has had a lot of bad luck with head knocks in the last couple of years. Itís hard to forget 2011 when Brownie suffered a series of horrendous cracks to the head which resulted in steel plates in his skull. The poor bloke has more nuts and bolts in his head than Mitre 10 these days.

The game itself was a sad sight indeed.

The Lions were able to stay in touch up to half time but things went completely pear-shaped after that. It almost looked as though they gave up after Brownie left the field. Thatís not to diminish the Giants game at all though. They were on fire, completely out-classing the toothless Lions all night.

With this loss we blew our chance of three straight wins.

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