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Browny's Winning Send-off

  • Browny's Winning Send-off

The Lions completed one of the greatest boil-over’s of the season beating the North Melbourne Roos 10.10.70 to 9.12.66 for Jonathan Brown’s send off.

Brisbane put in one of their gutsiest performances of the season to sink the Kangas. The Lions managed to dominate the Roos with more disposals, kicks, uncontested possessions and marks.

The first quarter wasn’t overly spectacular. Daniel Merrett played strong at full-forward, getting several dominant marks inside fifty but it looked as though Merrett had his wobbly boots on last night and not his goal-kicking boots. Sauce managed to spray a couple of absolute sitters.

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The Lions came on to the field for the second quarter 16 points down but that difference was quickly erased as the Lions brought a ferocity and tenacity to the field they rarely seem to display this season.

Dayne Zorko was constantly finding space and creating opportunities with his speed, skill and flair. There seemed to be four or five Pearce Hanley’s on the field: he was everywhere. At one point Hanley even tore away down the barrier, soccering the pill to himself twice and then trying to handball to himself before the ball eventually petered out.

Josh Green was a menace, slotting through three majors, all in impressive fashion.

Besides the monumental win and Browny’s winning send-off, there were several other talking points to come out of this match.

Firstly, the umpires’ complete determination not to award a tackle: what’s all that about? The Lions put the Roos to the sword and a lot of that pressure was built through strong, chasing tackles from behind. Looking back I can’t think of either side being rewarded for some fantastic tackling. Weird.

Secondly, Andrew Swallow was awarded a contentious major in the dying minutes which was clearly touched by a Lion. Is this another example of goal-line technology failing again?

Thirdly, Brad Scott’s hissy-fit at Tom Rockliff during Browny’s presentation: poorly timed? Inappropriate? Sure, Tommy may have gotten a bit lippy with Boomer Harvey after the siren but what’s that got to do with Scott?

Zorko, Hanley, Bewick, Rockliff and Green were our best on field. This game had the smell of a team that is being rebuilt once again and is beginning to embrace and act out their game plan under Justin Leppitsch. Hopefully Leppa doesn’t fall victim to some bizarre board-room coup before he can see his entire scheme come to fruition.

What did you think of Brad Scott’s confrontation with Tommy Rockliff?

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