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Tall Target

  • Tall Target

Saturday's 12.7.79 to 7.12.54 loss to Richmond made one thing abundantly clear to me: we need to hunt out a new power forward to fill the massive chasm left by Jonathan Brown.

Daniel Merrett has struggled up forward in Browny's absence. Big Sauce has been drowned out a little in the pack and has struggled to find his goal-kicking boots.

We have the “mozzie army” running circles around the boot laces of every opposition team: Zorko, Green, Taylor, Hanley and Rockliff all bust a gut every match, but they don’t have a target when they tear away toward the uprights.

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Tyrone Vickery’s four goal haul for the Tigers was the difference between a win and a loss and I can’t help but wonder: could we have won this one if we had a big target up front?

2015 has two big names waltzing into free-agency: Patrick Dangerfield and Tom Hawkins. Both are big lads who seem to live for kicking goals. Either one could really transform the Lions. We have the little fellas to get the ball forward to a power forward like Dangerfield or Hawkins.

But then the question remains: is Brisbane a big enough draw card for blokes from down south?

What do you think? Could Brisbane draw a big name like Dangerfield or Hawkins? Would they be a good fit at the Lions?

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