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Who Should a Lion Fan Go For Now?

  • Who Should a Lion Fan Go For Now?

As we all well know, the Brisbane Lions missed out on playing September footy this go around. Let’s not nit-pick over how close we were to the top eight: that’s irrelevant now.

If you’re a decent, red-blooded footy fan like I am, maybe you’re feeling a little lost and underwhelmed. All this great footy still lies ahead but the Lions aren’t involved. Who should we barrack for then?

Here’s a quick guide on who Brisbane fans should be rooting for.

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Sydney: The Swans have tried their hardest to buy a premiership and it looks as though their wild spending will pay dividends. Hard to get excited by these guys, they’re beating the rest of us to death with our own rules: very sneaky indeed. Give ‘em a miss.

Hawthorn: The Hawks are a strong team that have played well all season, that’s for sure. But who wants to jump on that bandwagon? No one likes the favourites. Give ‘em a miss.

Geelong: Sure Geelong’s mascot is a Cat – close relation to the Lion – but the Cat’s have been too good for too long. Watching them win is getting boring and predictable. Besides, I’m a Holden man and would rather sit down to take a whizz than back a team sponsored Ford. Give ‘em a miss.

Fremantle: What the hell is a Docker anyway? Sounds like a weird sex act. They have the petulant little tip-rat, Hayden Ballantyne too. Give ‘em a miss.

Port Adelaide: The Lions would have won four straight Premierships if it wasn’t for these upstarts. Give ‘em a miss.

North Melbourne: The Kangaroo is part of our national emblem, hard to easily dismiss and you’ve got to watch in wonder as their cracking pensioner, Brent Harvey, plays like he’s possessed by Gary Ablett jnr. Worth a squiz.

Essendon: Can’t follow the drug cheats. Give ‘em a miss.

Richmond: The Cinderella story of the season. This mob were cellar dweller’s early on and couldn’t buy a win. Then they strung together nine wins on the trot, showing true grit. Every red-blooded Aussie loves an under-dog and to bolster their credentials in the eyes of Brisbane fans, they’re the Tigers – another jungle cat. We have a winner.

So during September footy if you’re lost and confused, go for the Tigers or in lieu of that, start yelling for the Roos.

Who are you barracking for?  

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