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Have the Lions Bought their way into the Top 8?

  • Have the Lions Bought their way into the Top 8?

The Brisbane Lions today announced the signing of de-listed free agent Mitch Robinson.

Now there are a lot of nay-sayers out there comparing the acquisition of Robinson to the Fevola fiasco of 2010: I mean, they were both from Carlton for Christ’s sake! But Robinson seems to be a different beast completely

The addition of Robinson to the Lions other two massive signings – Allen Christensen and Dayne Beams – begs the question: have the Lions bought their way into the top eight for season 2015?

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This year was a stand out for the Lions mozzies. Dayne Zorko, James Aish, Josh Green, Pearce Hanley and Tom Rockliff blew everyone away with their ability to pull the pill and their silky smooth transitions. Adding the maturity, aggression and skill between Christensen, Beams and Robinson is a big boost.

It might even be the boost the Lions need to rise from the dregs of the ladder.

Is the off-season list building Brisbane has been executing just the thing we need?

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