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Are the Lions ready to make a mark once again?

  • Are the Lions ready to make a mark once again?

As the 2015 season draws close to kicking off, all the focus in QLD is can the Lions bounce back after some horrid years and become a QLD force in the AFL once again? 

The off season recruiting has been a big bonus for the lions this time round (compared to some of the previous ones), with players arriving at the Gabba ready to fill spots that are cruial to the Lions success in 2015. The return of some key position players is another bonus and after the first two hit outs in the NAB Cup these players have picked up where they left off before they suffered those injuiries.

So is this the year the Lions start looking like a AFL team again and start to produce some results that haven't been seen in QLD for a few years? Or will they crash and burn again under the expectation. Only time will tell but either way there is alot of excitment coming from the Gabba at the moment as season 2015 fast approaches.

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